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The Himalayas - they're the youngest mountain system in the World - 50 million years old. They're also the most complex and home to the highest mountains on earth. Stretching over 2900 kilometres west to east between India and Tibet they rise from the plains of north India roofing the northern most regions of India. It is here, contained within the river basins of the Indus and the Satluj that the five successive mountain ranges of the Shivaliks, the Dhauladhar, the Pir Panjal, the Great Himalaya and the Zanskar stand like monumental sentinels.
And in close proximity to this grand colour splashed mural of nature lies the Valley of the Gods - Kullu, where in the small resort town of Manali, Dragon Tours & Camp welcome you and offer you professionally organised treks and other mountain sports in the Western Himalayas.
Established over two decades ago, Dragon Tours & Camp have always fostered a sincere commitment towards caring for the environment and protecting the fragile Eco system of the region. A commitment reflected in all our adventure tours. While endeavouring to conduct our wilderness tours in a responsible, sensitive and professional manner we also share our respect for the diverse cultures and nature's enchanting compositions that we come across in our many journeys.
Follow the legendary old trails of explorers and traders; conquer lofty snow laden mountain peaks or trek through breathtaking landscapes; brave thunderous white water rapids or ski down silvery smooth snow slopes or soar into the sky on wings of gliders. Some of the adrenaline we at Dragon believe in giving you. so that your adventure is what you expect it to be. We design custom adventure tours for individuals, groups and even students according to your time schedule and budget. And to all this we also add our total travel services offer, which we call the Dragon Advantage.
That's why while exploring the Himalayas with us, you can delight in the warmth of our hospitality, personalised service, share the traditions of great adventures and command the Dragon Advantage. Welcome to the world of Dragon Tours & Camp and a memorable time in the Western Himalayas.
Ses Ram Thakur
& the Dragon team.

We welcome you to traditional hospitality at our Dragon Guest house. We're located just a kilometre away from the main town...
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