Lahaul Spiti

The tribal district of Lahaul-Spiti covers an extensive part of Himachal Pradesh. Situated in the rain shadow, the terrain here assumes a more rugged and barren form with towering craggy mountains snow laden most of the year round.

Virtually receiving no rainfall the vegetation is sparse, save for the few and far between villages that appear as oasis in this high altitude desert region. It is also a trekker and photographer's paradise. Spiti is home to a host of ancient monasteries; their locations seemingly unapproachable present some of the most spectacular views of this breathtaking valley. Spiti is also a geologists delight having once millions of years ago been the bed of the Tethys Sea which separated the continent of Gondwana from mainland Asia. Here at this high altitude wind, water and snow find an ideal playground unleashing their erosive powers, constantly sculpting the exposed rock and loose soils.

Lahaul the adjacent valley seems more developed with its well-irrigated fields of barley and potato. Lahaul also offer great mountaineering opportunities with some well-known peaks. Lahaul is also one of the access points to trek into the Zanskar region of Ladakh in the neighbouring state of Jammu & Kashmir. For us at Dragon Tours & Camp this is familiar territory. For years we have traversed these beautiful mountains and each time relived the magical moments they have to offer.

This region offers numerous treks leading into the neighbouring districts of Kinnaur and the high altitude Ladakh deserts. Write to us for detailed itineraries


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