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Zanskar. The name itself evokes images of craggy barren mountains layered with pristine snow slopes.

In this seemingly infinite landscape, precariously perched monasteries cling to small holds on the mountainsides overlooking an immense vastness and the sweep of the River basins leave one wondering at the perpetuity of nature's craftsmanship. It is an isolated region with a treeless landscape of open grassy plains and endless high altitude plateaus with towering scarred mountains all around. Holding a small population in a vast land area the Zanskar region also supports a wide variety of flora and fauna. Here the elusive Snow leopard hunts for woolly hare, marmots and occasionally preys on domesticated sheep and goats. In the plateaus you can spot herds of Kiang or Tibetan Wild Ass and maybe catch a glimpse of the Tibetan wolf. Of vegetation the land supports shrubs and amazingly some of the world's most fascinating flowering plants. In the Rangdum valley of Zanskar you can spot columbine, rose, geranium and anemone. While elsewhere on the high mountain passes you can also admire the beautiful edelweiss.

Zanskar is rich with trekking trails that lead through spectacular gorges, steep mountain slopes that at times cross over seemingly fragile yet sturdy rope bridges. The vastness of the landscape and the loud silence coupled with some of the most awesome and breathtaking scenery in the world does wonders to rejuvenating the city stressed body and soul. Zanskar is approached easily from both Manali and Leh. And we at Dragon Tours & Camp offer trekking in some of the least traversed yet some of the most beautiful trails in the Zanskar area. These treks range from 7 to 22 Days.We can also customise your trek and suggest trails in the particular area of Zanskar you'd like to travel in.

Just a few of the treks from our storehouse of itineraries:
Karnak Valley (Through the land of the nomadic Changpa - high altitude sheep herders)
Zangla - Markha Valley
Thongde - Phuktal Monastery -Padum
Phuktal to the Leh Manali Highway along the River Tsarap
Rangdum to Heniskot and Lamayuru
Darcha - Padum
Darcha Lamayuru

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Some of your option for Trekking are here:
The Valley of Deodars - Kullu & Manali   Terrace of the world-Ladakh
High altitude Vistas-Lahaul-Spiti   Of Mountain Deserts & Monasteries-Zanskar
Traversing the old Hisndustan Tibet Trail-Kinnaur      
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