Old Hindustan Tibet Trail

Lying due north east of Shimla, the district of Kinnaur has remained relatively remote and has managed to retain its colourful ethnicity. It is one region thathas an unusually varied terrain, climate and vegetation. Nestling among some of the loftiest mountains and valleys in Himachal Kinnaur offers numerous trekking possibilities within and into neighbouring Garhwal. Its trade connections with Tibet were extremely interactive for centuries and the Hindustan Tibet Highway though now no longer in use was witness to many an Indian caravan trudging into the highlands of Tibet..

Here the landscape assumes grand proportions as forested hillsides of Oak, Pine, Deodar and Rhododendron interspersed with apple and apricot orchards slope down towards the Sutlej River. The enchanting Baspa valley and Sangla offer the visitor memorable experiences and views into the colourful lives of the Kinnauris who have also been referred to as celestial musicians in ancient Hindu texts. It's here too that the heady Anguri - grape wine- is known for its exquisite taste and essential accompaniment to many a local feast and fair. The scenery gets grander as we head north and breathtaking mountain views of the Kinner Kailash range suddenly appear before you. Treks from Kinnaur lead into the sparser mountain deserts of Spiti to the north while other trails lead into the equally beautiful Garhwal district of neighbouring Uttar Pradesh while yet others slope into the region of Kullu.

Just a few of our numerous treks in the region:

The Kinner-Kailash Circuit (Morang-Thangi-Rahtak-Charang La-Chitkul-Sangla-Kamru-Shang-Brua-Karcham)
Chitkul-Doaria-Zupika Gad-Borsu Pass-Har ki Dun (Garhwal)
Into Spiti via the Bhaba Pass
Into Kullu via the Jalori and Bashleo Passes
Sarahan to Wangtu

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Some of your option for Trekking are here:
The Valley of Deodars - Kullu & Manali   Terrace of the world-Ladakh
High altitude Vistas-Lahaul-Spiti   Of Mountain Deserts & Monasteries-Zanskar
Traversing the old Hisndustan Tibet Trail-Kinnaur      
  For itinerary please email us at dragontravelmanali@hotmail.com.
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